Resetting my password
  • 23 Aug 2022
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Resetting my password

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In case you forget your password, you can set a new password on your own using the following steps.


Passwords can be changed only by the respective users themselves. Account Managers cannot change password for other users.

  1. Go to the Whatfix website.

  2. Click the Sign In button.
    whatfix_sign in.png

  3. Enter your email address, and leave the password field blank.

  4. Click Forgot password?

  5. An email with a link to reset your password is sent to your registered mail address.

  6. In the Reset Password screen, enter the new password, and then re-type the same password to confirm.

  7. Enter the Captcha code that appears.

  • The auto-generated Captcha code is case senstive. Make sure you enter it exactly the same.
  • You can hear the Captcha code by clicking the speaker icon adjacent to text box.
  • You can request for a new Captcha code by clicking the refresh icon next to the speaker icon.
  1. Click Reset Password.

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