Role tags not working
  • 07 Sep 2022
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Role tags not working

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Content with Role Tags attached does not appear in Self Help or Task List widgets.


The Role Tag visibility rule configured while creating the Self Help or Task List widgets overrides any role tags attached to the content added in the widgets.

For example, you have Flows with an Account Manager and a Content Manager tag attached. You add them in a Self Help widget with an Editor Role Tag configured in the Visibility Rule section. Then the Self Help widget, along with all the Flows, is visible only to the Editor role irrespective of the other role tags attached to the content.


  • Add the relevant user roles Tags to the widget segment as well. In the example above, add the Account Manager and Content Manager Tags to the Widget segment.

  • If you want to show content based on different user roles, then create dedicated segments for each role in Self Help or Task List and add relevant content to each segment.
    To know more, see Displaying content based on User Roles

  • Once these segments are created, Whatfix needs user information from your application to identify your users and associate their roles to display relevant content. This can be done using Window Variables, URL, or Other Elements on a page Visibility Rule. The necessary values for each role have to be added to the respective Widget segments' Visibility Rule.

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