Salesforce Einstein (Tableau CRM) Integration
  • 24 Mar 2022
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Salesforce Einstein (Tableau CRM) Integration

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Whatfix and Salesforce Einstein integration enables you to push Whatfix Analytics data to Salesforce Einstein in the form of a dataset. This dataset can be further used to create a custom dashboard in the Salesforce app.



To integrate Whatfix and Salesforce Einstein, email us at

Use cases

  • Track the usage and completion of tasks by your users and create a report on the Salesforce Dashboard.
  • Track how new users are completing the onboarding tasks in the Task List and map the support tickets created by them.
  • Check the usage of new features and their adoption rates right from the Salesforce Dashboard.
  • Check the usage of searches for users with less than 6 NPS score and get all unsuccessful search terms to map the knowledge gaps selectively.

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