Integrating specific content from OneDrive Repository
  • 07 Sep 2022
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Integrating specific content from OneDrive Repository

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You can integrate specific content from your OneDrive Repository using Selective Crawling. You can fetch content from specific folders or spaces from OneDrive.

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  • Whatfix can crawl any content that is inside the folder My Files.
  • You can crawl content from any level of the folder.

Selectively crawling content from OneDrive

  1. Provide the Repository and Integration details to integrate OneDrive.
    For more information, see Integrating OneDrive Repository.

  2. Under the Crawler settings, select Specific content.
    RB_DB_repospecific content


The Crawler Settings provide the following options to choose from:
All content: This option fetches all content from OneDrive.
Specific content: This option enables you to provide the folder path you want to fetch the content from.

  1. In the Folder Absolute Path section, enter the folder path details separated by a slash (/), from where you want to crawl the content.
    For example, if you want to crawl content from subfolder1 which is inside the folder1, then enter "folder1/subfolder1".

You can add more folder paths using the Add More button.

  1. Click Integrate.

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