Translating content in the UI
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Translating content in the UI

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Whatfix lets you translate Whatfix content in different languages without having to recreate each Flow in a different language from scratch. This helps you to communicate with your users in their native language. For more information on supported languages, see Languages Supported by Whatfix.

To translate content, follow the instructions below.

If you’re a user with Translator access, start at step 4 below.
  1. Navigate to the Whatfix Dashboard.


  2. Click the Settings icon. 


  3. Click Languages.


  4. Click the language to which you want to translate the content.


  5. Click the type of content you want to translate from the left pane. 


  6. Click the content you want to translate. 


  7. Enter the translated text in the fields adjacent to respective steps.


  8. Once done, click Save at the top-right. 


    The translated content status is updated to Completed and moved to the end of the list.  To know more about different status, see Understanding Language file translation status.

  9. Repeat the steps from 5 to 8 to translate all the content.
    • Whatfix doesn’t validate the accuracy of the translated language. For example, a user can select German and enter the text in Russian.
    • Only Account Managers can add additional languages.
    • The language used to show Whatfix content to the end-user depends on the language selected in the application and browser. See Enable Whatfix to detect the language of your application.
    • You can use the Properties section in the left pane to translate Whatfix UI text so that the user sees both the content you have created and the Whatfix UI in the translated language.
      language translation UI properties
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