Triggering a Flow using User Actions
  • 23 Aug 2022
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Triggering a Flow using User Actions

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Whatfix enables you to configure a Flow to play automatically based on an action your users perform on the application. This is done by linking a Flow with User Action. The User Action acts as a trigger and starts the Flow once the identified action is completed by the user.

Linking User Action to a Flow

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  • Create User Action for the element that acts as a trigger. For more information, see Creating a User Action.
  • Create a Flow that you want to run when the User Action is triggered.

Use the following steps to link a User Action to a Flow,

  1. Navigate to the Whatfix Dashboard.

  2. Hover the cursor over the Flow you want to edit, and then click the Edit icon.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom and in the Flow Trigger tile, click Add User Action.

  4. Select the User Action that acts as a trigger to the Flow from the drop-down.

  5. Click Save.

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