Uploading Whatfix videos to online video platform
  • 05 Sep 2022
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Uploading Whatfix videos to online video platform

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Whatfix Flows can be uploaded as a video to your YouTube/Wistia/Vimeo account. This feature comes handy if you wish to create video demonstrations or tutorials of your application.


You can also add voiceovers to the Flow videos. For more information, see Adding Voiceovers to Flow videos

Exporting videos to video platform in Whatfix is easy and automated. Once you authorize Whatfix to access your video platform account, the videos are auto-uploaded as soon as the content is created and published.

When a Flow is translated, the video in the translated language is uploaded when the content is published.

To give Whatfix access to your video platform,

  1. Navigate to Whatfix Dashboard.
    RB_go to dashboard

  2. Click the Settings icon in the top right corner. 
    RB_click settings icon

  3. Click Video Channel.
    RB_video channel

  4. Select the video platform. 
    RB_choose video channel

  5. Select the video privacy level.
    RB_choose visibility for video channel


    If the privacy level is set to private then videos won't play after embedding them.

  6. Click Authorize.

  7. Click Allow in the respective video platform page to finish the integration. 

  8. Once integrated, Flows that are already published starts to auto-upload. You can check the upload status in the Dashboard.

Understand video uploading statuses

Status Description
waiting_in_queue Waiting in the queue for uploading
currently_uploading Currently uploading
uploaded_successfully Uploaded
failed_to_upload Failed to upload

  • Your Flows are not connected to the videos on the video platform. If you delete your Flows or change the theme, it has no impact on the uploaded video.
  • If you edit a Flow and save the changes, a new updated video is created only after it's published. However, the old video remains in the respective video platform. You have to manually delete or unlist it.
  • If you're using Wistia Channel (not Projects) then new Whatfix Flow videos are uploaded in Unpublished state. You have to manually publish the videos.
  • When you translate a content, Whatfix uploads a new video for the translated content as soon as it is published.
  • If your video account is delinked from Whatfix then any new Flows created is not uploaded to the channel. However, Flows that were already uploaded will remain as is.

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