Using the Preview Mode on the Whatfix Editor
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Using the Preview Mode on the Whatfix Editor

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You can use the Whatfix Preview Mode to review and see how your content appears on your application or website. You can also find any errors that might have slipped in and rectify them.

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The preview mode is not meant for QA or for UAT. Whatfix recommends that you use your development environment for extensive QA testing of Whatfix content.
The preview mode is for the author to quickly review the Flow when they are in the process of creating it.

To enable the preview mode,

  1. On your toolbar, click the Whatfix Editor plugin to launch the editor.


  2. On the top right, next to your name, click the drop-down menu and then enable Preview Mode.


  3. Click Okay and refresh.


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  • Remember to refresh your browser to begin to preview content.
  • When the Preview mode is enabled, the Self Help widget provides an Edit button that can be used to access each help segment. Using the edit function, you can edit the segments and test these in the Preview mode.

If you have enabled the editor preview mode when you already have the JS Embed, Whatfix ensures that the Editor Preview Mode precedes the content displayed by the JS embed. This is to ensure that if there is a difference in content (for example if the content is from an extension), then Whatfix ensures that an order is followed to display content. The Editor Preview Mode always displays the latest content from the Whatfix server. If you are using other deployment methods, there is a chance that there could be a conflict with older content. Whatfix uses precedence to ensure that such conflicts do not happen.
For instance, if the content is deployed using CDN method, then Editor Preview Mode takes precedence over the JS Embed.

   Deployment Method
Editor Preview Mode
JS Embed

First preference

Second preference

Custom Extension (Dev)
Custom Extension (Prod)
  • Each time you toggle to the preview mode, ensure that you refresh the page.
  • The Preview mode is not available in strict CSP environments.
  • Use the Preview mode only to review your content. To ensure that your customers see the content that you have created using Whatfix, select one of the options in Choosing an integration method.
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