Whatfix Platform Version control on the Dashboard
  • 23 Aug 2022
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Whatfix Platform Version control on the Dashboard

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Whatfix gives enterprises an option to stay on a particular version that affects the end user impacting features and not upgrade to the latest version as soon as it is released. You have an option to deploy the latest version or not, and also choose when to deploy.

An example of an end user facing feature is introducing a back button on each step of a Flow.

You have this choice irrespective of the Whatfix deployment model used on your platform.

How to skip an update?

Every time there is a release, you get a notification about the available update. You can either choose to update the application immediately or cancel the notification and perform the update later. A reminder is sent to you midway through the remaining time period for which Whatfix will support the current version.


You can skip these updates only for a year. In case no updates are selected for a year, you will be auto-updated to the latest version. End users see the updates only after publishing the content.

When Whatfix Versioning is enabled, only the Whatfix content files are pushed every time you do a Push to Production. The JavaScript (JS) files are not updated.
There may be instances where you might want to update the JS files when you have enabled Whatfix Versioning. The following are some of the instances,

  • when there's any change in the Advanced Customization code
  • when you require any new feature as part of a product release
  • when Whatfix introduces any bug fixes

In such cases, you have to depend on Whatfix Support to help you update the JS file.

To remove this dependency, Whatfix now enables you to select when you want to update your JS file along with your content files on the Dashboard.

Whatfix Platform Version control on the Dashboard

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Only the Account Manager can perform the following task. For more information on permissions, see Whatfix user roles.

Use the following steps to select when you want to update the Whatfix code (JS file),

  1. On the Whatfix Dashboard, click Push to Production.

  2. On the summary pop-up, select the Include whatfix code update checkbox, and then click Push to Production.

Enable Whatfix Versioning

To enable Whatfix Versioning, contact [email protected].

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