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Whatfix Analytics provides usage and engagement related data for all your Whatfix content in easy to understand visual formats.

You can identify:

  • Users’ engagement rate with your content
  • Weak points in your content

Using the data, you can make changes to your content where it is necessary and guide users to complete their goals.

Whatfix provides an easy way to configure analytics with three configuration options:

  • All these configuration options are independent of one another.
  • If Whatfix Analytics is not selected, Whatfix does not track any data for your account.
  • Whatfix Analytics is selected by default. If you would not like to use Whatfix to track and report your data, clear the Enable Whatfix Analytics checkbox.

Understanding Analytics timelines.

Your Whatfix analytic data is available to you at different times depending on what kind of method you use for analytics. The chart below explains these timelines.

    Type SLA
    Whatfix Analytics All data collected everyday till 2.30 PM EST (12 AM IST) is available in your reports in 14 hours time.Example: Activities till 2.30 PM EST on the 20th of June is made available by 2.30 AM EST (12 PM IST) on the 21st of June
    Google Analytics Depending on whether you use standard or 360 accounts, your analytics may be made available in 24 to 48 hoursFor more information, see Google data processing latency.
    Custom Analytics Depends on your provider. Contact your analytics provider for accurate information.
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