Custom Dashboards in Analytics
  • 01 Mar 2024
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Custom Dashboards in Analytics

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Article Summary


Enterprises generate reports to visualize and understand data at different stages for all business lines. You may want to create custom reports and Dashboards to make data-driven decisions. Currently, you can see pre-built dashboards as part of Analytics that help you understand Whatfix Engagement data without any customization.

Whatfix enables you to create Dashboards with actionable insights and customize them depending on your business needs and use cases. These custom Dashboards are the one-stop place for all Insights to help you visualize your data and provide information at a glance. Different business groups within an organization can use Dashboards to show data based on their needs and make decisions. You can create, view, edit, delete, manage, and export your Dashboards.


Benefits of Dashboards

  • Eliminate the need for third-party applications to create custom reports and visualize data

  • Help in decision-making as Dashboards contain contextual Insights created for all major data points

  • Provide information at a glance without requiring too much effort to create and customize

Use Case

Understand feature usage

To understand your customers' engagement and adoption of a new feature, you can create User Actions at different points in your feature. You can convert these User Actions to contextual Insights which gives you granular data at the user level. These Insights can be added to your Dashboard, from which you can visualize your data. You now have accurate data at each data point to help you in your decision-making.

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