What is User Journey?
  • 05 Oct 2023
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What is User Journey?

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Enterprises have a lot of applications wherein every user takes a different journey to complete a task. With User Journeys, Whatfix provides you with the ability to automatically analyze how an end user navigates through an application using User Actions, and events captured using the Whatfix API, and helps you understand the different paths they take to complete a task. Using User Journey, you can track which path your users are taking on an application, whether they're taking the right path to complete a task, and how they interact with any Whatfix content or widget that appears on the page.
Since the User Journey is tracked via User Actions, whenever your end users complete a User Action, for example, clicking or hovering on an element, visiting an application page, etc., a path is said to have been completed.

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For more information on the User Action Completion rules, see What are User Action Completion Rules?

It enables you to understand the end user behavior on an application and visualize their actions as a Sankey chart.


User Journey enables you to track the following actions in an application:

  • The different paths taken by an end user
  • The most commonly taken paths
  • High and low engagement points
  • Whatfix events performed by an end user on an application page

Getting insights on the journey undertaken by an end user enables you to target Whatfix content to specific pages or sections of an application and improve the end user experience.

Use Cases

Understand drop-off rates

When a new user is onboarded to an application, there can be instances where they may drop-off or have low engagement in the application. With User Journeys, you can analyze the 'uh-oh' moments that lead to drop-offs and the 'aha' moments where an end user completes a task using the shortest and most ideal path in an application.

You can track the points in the application where end users are dropping off the most using User Journey and create Whatfix content to remove the friction in the application.

Improve process optimization

With multiple features in an application, end users can take different paths to complete a task. These paths may not be the most efficient or ideal for the end user. User Journeys enable you to track every path your end user takes in an application and identify which users are taking the right path.

After analyzing the User Journey visuals, you can create relevant Whatfix content that nudges or guides your end user to take the ideal path and complete their task efficiently.

Understand friction in the user experience

Friction in the user experience of an application can lead to higher drop-off rates and low engagement. To identify the pain points in an application, you can use User Journeys. Once you understand the friction, you can redesign the experience to increase adoption and improve the user experience.
You can create User Actions from the Home page, visualize the User Journey or any other start point of the application, and track the paths used by an end user in the application. Once you have identified the points of low engagement, you can modify the application appropriately using the analytics data.

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