What are Funnels?
  • 17 Jan 2024
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What are Funnels?

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A funnel is a series of sequential events (User Actions or Flow steps) that enable you to track how your end users progress through a defined path in your application. It helps you understand the following behaviors:

  • How your end users are navigating through an application process.
  • Which step of the process do they fail or drop off most often.
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As a pre-requisite to creating Funnels, ensure that you create sequential User Actions for the process that you want to track in your application.

You can also add a Page View, which is the URL of your page, as part of a Funnel to understand how many users visit the page.

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You can create Funnels with just Page Views as well. You can analyze end-user behavior by adding sequential pages that show a specific path an end user takes in an application.

Types of Funnels

There are two types of Funnels that you can create.

Conversion Funnel:

Conversion Funnels are used to understand how end users are using a product. You can track the end users' path from when they discover the product until they either drop off or convert into customers. These Funnels are primarily used to capture end-user interaction with the product for the first time.
Example: In e-commerce applications, Conversion Funnels help you understand the customer's journey from the time they view a product until they purchase it.

Productivity Funnel:

These Funnels help you determine the shortest time taken by end users to complete a process. You can identify the steps on which your end users are taking too much time. This helps you reduce friction and improve productivity.
Example: Improving productivity is an important problem to solve in employee-facing applications. It can also be used in applications where productivity is tied to increasing revenue (banktellers, outbound sales) or reducing costs (call centers, claim processors).

Benefits of Funnels

The Funnel View shows the total number of unique users who engaged, the drop percentage of the users, and the average total time taken between two events.

Using such data, you can create relevant Whatfix content to reduce drop-off rates at each step of the process and improve the user experience.

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