• 19 Feb 2024
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An event is defined as an end-user interaction and contains contextual information to understand user behavior on an application. Events can be tracked using various means and analyzed to draw insights.

There are two types of events in Whatfix:

  • Default Events: These events are captured by Whatfix when end users interact with Whatfix content and widgets. For more information, see List of Whatfix-related events.

  • Custom Events: These events are user-defined and enables you to capture end-user behavior on the application. They include User Actions and events captured using Whatfix API.

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The Events section includes the following:

  • User Action: User Actions enable you to track your end users' actions and analyze their behavior on your application. You can follow your end users' progress and behavior even if they do not engage with Whatfix content.
  • Event grouping: Event grouping enables you to group two or more events together into a single grouped-event to understand end-user behavior for analysis.
  • Attributes: Attributes provide contextual information about Default and Custom events.

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