Test Whatfix Content
  • 26 Apr 2024
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Test Whatfix Content

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Article Summary

Whenever an application undergoes changes or is updated, there are chances of Flow failures as the background elements of the application may change. To ensure end users' flow of work does not get impacted, content creators need to regularly test the Flows that they have created. Auto Testing enables you to automatically test your Flows and generate an extensive report on which Flows are working and which are broken. It particularly highlights the step at which they are breaking.

You can schedule these test runs based on your enterprise’s requirements. For example, if your enterprise has a release every month, then you can schedule the test run for once every month after the release, and Whatfix runs the tests and sends the reports accordingly. This ensures that you are aware of flow failures and fix them before your customers experience them.

Auto Testing tests Flows on Chrome browser.

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  • Currently, Auto Testing is available only for Web applications.
  • Auto Testing is a premium feature. To enable Auto Testing, contact

How does Auto Testing work?

Click the configuration icon elements to learn more about each step.

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