What is a Cohort?
  • 29 Feb 2024
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What is a Cohort?

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It is essential to understand user behavior to make data-driven decisions. To understand user behavior, you need to group them, compare their behavior with other groups, and draw insights.

Whatfix provides you with the ability to create Cohorts. Cohorts enable you to create a group of users based on a specific criteria/behavior and analyze the group to take further actions. Creating Cohorts based on user behavior enables you to unearth hidden patterns, validate or invalidate hypotheses, and draw insights.

These Cohorts can be used in Visibility Rules to show specific Whatfix content to targeted users and also use them in third-party applications.

Use Cases

Create Whatfix content for targeted user groups

You can create Cohorts for specific users based on certain use cases to show Whatfix content.

  • Show a Pop-up to new users who have spent 7 days or less in the system and have completed 3 Tasks about the latest version of the application.
  • Show an onboarding Task List to users who have not spent too much time in the application.
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Reduce churn rate

To decrease the churn rate in your application, you may want to understand how to help newly onboarded users more effectively and prevent them from doing the same actions as the churned users. Now, with Cohorts, you can group engaged users, new users, and churned users based on certain conditions. You can then use this data in Insights to understand which content is not consumed by churned users so that you can nudge the new users to engage with the right content and reduce the churn rate.

Integrate with third-party applications

There may be instances when you may want to run any campaigns through SMS or email to targeted users based on different criteria.

  • For power users who have a high engagement rate with your application,
  • For inactive users using third-party applications.

Using Cohorts you can easily identify and group these users, export the Cohort, and use the Cohort with the list of users in a third-party application to show relevant content.

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