Add a Survey to a Launcher
  • 05 Jun 2024
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Add a Survey to a Launcher

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Add a Survey to the Launcher by creating a Link for the Survey from the Whatfix Dashboard, and then adding the Link to the Launcher.


  • Sharing a Survey is part of the Premium plan. To enable this feature, contact

  • Share a Survey functionality is available only in the **Production** stage.

Step 1: Create a Link for the Survey
Step 2: Attach the Link to a Launcher

Create a Link for the Survey

Use the following steps to create a Link for your Survey:

  1. On the Whatfix Guidance dashboard, click Widgets.

  2. Click Surveys.

  3. Click the Production tab.

  4. Hover your cursor over the required Survey, and then click the Share icon.

your title goes here

The Share icon only appears for Surveys in the Production stage.

4. Click Add as link in Whatfix.
clm_survey_add as link in whatfix

5. Click Next.

6. Enter a Title Prefix.
clm_survey_add prefix


The prefix title distinguishes the Survey link from other links on the dashboard.
clm_survey_add prefix1

7. Click Add Survey.
clm_survey_add survey


View the Link that you just created in the Draft Stage of the Dashboard.

Attach the Survey Link to a Launcher

Use the following steps to attach the Survey Link to a Launcher:

1. Log in to the application where you want to create content, and then launch the Studio.
CLM_editor plug in2

2. On the Studio, click Launcher.


3. Enter a name for the Launcher Collection.
CLM_launcher name1

4. To create a Launcher, click +Add Launcher.
clm_click add launcher1

5. Select an element on the application where the Launcher must appear.

6. Under the CONFIGURATIONS section, click the Interaction dropdown.
clm_launchers_interaction dd

7. In the Launcher Text box, enter the text for the button.


8. In the Launcher Actions section, using the dropdown, select the Open Link option.

9. To attach the link, click + Attach Link. 

13. Click Save.
clm_launcher_click save1

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