Content Governance Best Practices
  • 24 Apr 2023
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Content Governance Best Practices

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Article Summary

Content Governance is all about putting in place systems and processes that ensure a smooth flow of content from the time it is created to the time it is published. Governance is about how content is planned, created, managed, and published.

It is important to keep these guidelines in mind when creating content on Whatfix to ensure that content and related processes are consistent and the quality is maintained.

Hierarchy of Content Creation

There are different user roles available in Whatfix. Based on the role you are provided, you can perform various functions.

  • Editor creates the content.
  • Content Manager creates, edits, and manages the content.
  • Account Manager does the final review and does Push to Production, which makes the content available to all end users.

For more information see, Whatfix User Roles.

Use the Maker/Checker concept while creating content

The person creating the content (Editor) cannot be the one checking the content. It is ideal to have the content reviewed by another creator so that it is free of any mistakes that were overlooked by content creator.

Remove personal dependencies

There needs to be at least two Account Managers for a particular account. This eliminates any personal dependencies and bottlenecks in the absence of any one of them.

Push correct content

The Account Manager makes Whatfix content live for end users. Ensure that the content that was reviewed and tested, is the content that is published.

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