Default Tags in my Whatfix Account
  • 08 Jul 2024
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Default Tags in my Whatfix Account

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Article summary

There are five default tags that can be used in your content.

  • extension - Any Flow with the extension tag asks the end user to install the Whatfix creator extension before it can be run.
    For example, if a workflow contains certain steps on an app where the Whatfix JS is not present, the extension tag helps the user view the Flow by installing the extension on such an application.

This only works on the Chrome browser.

  • spotlight - Any Flow tagged with the spotlight tag renders all steps to be auto-spotlighted. The entire screen is greyed out except for the element on which action is to be taken.
    spotlight flow.png

  • nolive - Flows tagged with the nolive tag display as a slideshow and do not display a see live option. This helps your end users skim through the Flows without having to visit your webpage or application.
    nolive flow.gif

  • The nolive tag works only when a Flow is run from a Task List or Self Help.

  • If you attach a Flow with a nolive tag to a Task List, the Flow won't be marked as complete when the user completes the slideshow. So it is recommended not to use slideshows in Task Lists as that task is never marked complete.

  • noindex - Any Flow with this tag does not show up in the search results when the search is made in the Whatfix Self Help widget. For example, you have a main Flow with multiple linked sub Flows for branching based on different user inputs, but you want users to only see the main Flow in the search results within the Self Help widget. Adding the noindex tag to the sub Flows ensures they do not show up in the search results.
    no index flow.gif

  • wfx_play_as_popup - This tag enables you to show end users some information before running a Flow. This is done by configuring the Flow to first display a Pop-up.
    wfx_play_as_popup flow.gif

For more information on how this tag works, see Show information as a Pop-up before running Flows.

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