Self Help User Experience
  • 24 Jan 2024
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Self Help User Experience

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Article Summary

Whatfix provides features that enhance the user experience when your end users go through Self Help. This helps end users navigate through Self Help content easily.

Self Help visual identifier

The Self Help visual identifier highlights Self Help content that the end users have searched for and already consumed. For example, if you search for Whatfix user roles and open some of the links, then the next time you open Self Help and search for Whatfix user roles, the links you have already opened appear in a lighter shade.


This helps end users with the following:

  • Differentiate between new content added to the search scope from the already viewed content.
  • Identify the content they have viewed as well as not viewed.
  • The data gets updated based on the end-user content consumption.
  • The visual identifier appears until the browser cache is cleared or till 90 days, whichever is earlier. However, this data is not retained across devices.

Self Help Widget behavior in Open State

Open state capability remembers the last user engagement with the self help widget and re-creates the same experience so that the user can continue from where they dropped off.

Following are the various open state scenarios within self help.

When the end user types a phrase in the search bar

The Self Help open state search queries are retained until the user closes the tab or clicks the Close icon on the search bar. This means that if the end user types a phrase in the search bar of the Self Help and closes the widget, the search query is retained when the end user opens Self Help again.

When the Self Help content opens in a new tab

When the content from the Self Help widget opens in another tab, the Self Help widget does not collapse and retains its open state. This means that when end users consume the content that opens in another tab and return to the previous tab, they find the Self Help widget open.

When the end user has typed a feedback but not sent it

When end users have typed the feedback but do not send it, the feedback they typed is retained until they click Cancel or clear the browser cache. When feedback is sent by the end user, and the Self Help widget is opened again, the feedback section that was last accessed by your end user is retained.

When the end user has typed in chatBot but not sent it

While using the ChatBot in Self Help, the chat along with messages that are not sent by your end users are retained until the chat session is retained by ChatBot. Similarly, even if a ChatBot session is completed, the Self Help widget opens the chat box if that was the last section accessed by your end users.


The Self Help open behavior stops if any one of the following happens, whichever is earlier

  • 90 days is complete
  • End users clear their browser cache.

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