User Action
  • 16 Sep 2021
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User Action

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To enable this feature for your account, contact Whatfix Support at [email protected].


User Actions, as the name indicates, enables you to track your end-users' actions and analyze their behavior on your application. You can follow your end-users' progress and behavior even if they do not engage with Whatfix content. For example, let's take a Flow that guides the user to an end goal. Users may choose to follow some steps of the Flow, but once they understand how to do it, they may close the Flow, but still go on to complete the task. User actions can be used to track how many of your users completed a task - irrespective of whether they used the Flow or not.

User Actions can also track behavioral data about what your users do on the application. The data collected provides user interaction insights to organizations.

The intel from User Actions can be used by many teams like Product management, customer success, digital marketing, and customer support to make data-driven decisions. User action data can be viewed directly on the Whatfix Analytics Dashboard. Based on the intel from User Actions, you can now take steps to engage the right groups of users to efficiently drive business growth and understand user behavior.

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Unlike Flows, Smart Tips, and Beacons, User Action is not visible to the end-users.

Benefits of User Action

Understanding user response and inferring feedback

Your end-users interact with the application in different ways as they need to perform multiple tasks on the application on a daily basis. Having a predictive mechanism to understand a user journey remains our North Star, but taking small steps here to convert the User Actions and understand the feedback they want to give is something we can resolve. An end-user engagement on the application is a way to give feedback that can be used to intelligently understand the users and make changes based on their behavior.

Driving Intelligence by Discovery

User Action is an advanced way to understand users and how different user segments use the application. Multiple teams can be enabled to discover insights based on user interaction. This is a connecting link between customer experience and key business metrics.

Data-Driven Decisions

Now with User Actions, you can take decisions that have a data-driven platform at every point. All the product decisions and application design/usage changes can be taken directly from the data derived by the actions tracked.

User Action Stories and Use cases

Other use cases

Goal Management

Goals help achieve business KPI’s for your organization. Often, end-users claim that they have completed the assigned tasks as part of the application journey, but the Task List still does not show the task as completed, which often leads to a support call or a ticket.

For example- Consider an onboarding Task List with 3 Tasks- Update Profile name, Address, and upload documents. These 3 tasks are the onboarding goals to be achieved. Using the Goal management capability, a Goal can now be mapped to a task, and you can get the real task completion rate from your end-users. A task is considered as completed if done via Flows in the Task List and also if the end-users do it with no in-app assistance.

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