Maximize Self Help
  • 06 Dec 2022
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Maximize Self Help

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Article Summary

Whatfix enables you to provide your end users with the ability to resize the Self Help widget. End users can minimize or maximize the Self Help widget as per their requirements using the Maximize-Minimize icon.

Here is a GIF on how the Self Help is maximized/minimized.

Use Cases

Here are some use cases that are possible using this feature:

  • Display lengthier content with better clarity within the Self Help widget.

  • Display more than 5 search results without having to scroll.

  • When enabled and opened for the first time, the Self Help widget by default opens is in the maximized state.
  • For subsequent sessions, the Self Help widget remembers the end-user's last selected state in the last session.
  • In its maximized state, the Self Help widget can appear only in the left or right of the screen and not in any of the other positions that they can access Self Help.


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