Common Best Practices
  • 14 Apr 2023
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Common Best Practices

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Always test content in your development environment

If you work in multiple environments, it’s a good practice to publish your content on your test/development environment before deploying it in production.
Test everything(2)

Organize content using Tags

Adding relevant Tags is a great way to keep your guides accessible and easy to find for other content creators.
Tag content(1)(1)

Use contrasting colors for Whatfix widgets

Use contrasting colors for Whatfix widgets, to make them stand out/noticeable on the website. Make sure that your widgets are not lost on your interface.

Use the contrast checker available on this site to help you decide -
Contrast color(2)

Be clear and concise

Use words and simple sentences. Keep the description in your tooltips simple and to the point.
Description simple.png

Use Beacons to catch the attention of your users

Use Beacons to highlight new features and UI changes. Link Flows to beacons in case there is an associated procedure.
Beacon new ui

Don't exceed the maximum width in a Tooltip or Pop-up

When inserting images in your content, ensure that they don't exceed the width of the tooltip or pop-up to avoid any distorted images.
distorted image(2)

Monitor the content performance using Whatfix Analytics

Remember to configure Whatfix Analytics to find out how your content is faring. Are your users completing tasks? Which step are they getting stuck at? What search terms do not give any results? You can track this data and use it to improve the performance of your content.

Use Control+Shift+V to copy and paste content while translating

When translating content in the UI, avoid copy-pasting content. The formatting of the content could get copied and may generate sync issues. If you have to copy and paste, use the CTRL+SHIFT+V (Windows) or COMMAND+SHIFT+V (Mac) to paste content. These shortcuts copy only the value.
Copy paste

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