Install the Whatfix Preview extension in Google Chrome
  • 21 May 2024
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Install the Whatfix Preview extension in Google Chrome

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Preview extension is a Beta feature. Reach out to to enable Preview extension for your account.

As per the latest updates to Manifest V3 (MV3), you cannot use the Preview mode to preview Advanced Customization (AC) code changes on Whatfix Studio.

To preview such changes, Whatfix has introduced a Preview extension. This extension enables you to test any AC code used to achieve certain out-of-the-box capabilities. For more information, see Use Preview extension to test Whatfix content.

The Preview extension enables you to test and preview content before it is pushed to Production, while the Production extension is required by end users and content creators to actually view the published content in real time.

Whatfix Preview extension can be installed in the following ways:

  • PowerShell
  • ZIP
  • CRX

Once you have the Preview extension as shared by the Whatfix support team, use the following instructions to install the extension:

Using PowerShell

The Whatfix extension can be deployed on a computer by using a PowerShell script.


This method is only for Windows users. For mass deployment on macOS, contact

Use the following steps to install the Whatfix Preview extension using PowerShell:

  1. Once you have the PowerShell Script, open PowerShell in Administrator mode.

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    In case you do not have PowerShell installed on your computer, see Install PowerShell.

  2. Paste the following command in PowerShell:

./Chrome-ExtensionInstall.ps1 -Extension EXTENSION_ID -Path PATH_URL

  • Replace EXTENSION_ID and PATH_URL with the information provided by the Whatfix support team.
  1. Press Enter.
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When the browser is reopened, the Whatfix Preview extension is installed in the background.

Using ZIP

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Installing Whatfix's Preview extension requires you to enable the Developer mode in your browser. If this is not possible, contact your IT team for assistance.

Use the following steps to install the Whatfix Preview extension using ZIP:

  1. Download the extension ZIP file to your local drive and extract the content.

It is recommended to use the built-in extraction tool to extract the ZIP file.

  1. On the Google Chrome toolbar, click the more icon.
    zip extension_more icon chrome.png

  2. Click More Tools.
    zip extension_more tools.png

  3. Click Extensions.
    zip extension_extensions.png

  4. Ensure that the Developer mode is enabled.
    zip extension_developer mode.png

  5. Click Load unpacked and upload the extracted extension file to install the extension.
    zip extension_load unpacked.png

Using CRX

Reach out to to install Preview extension using CRX.

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