Optional step does not work
  • 18 Jan 2024
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Optional step does not work

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Optional steps give you the flexibility to skip certain steps that the user does not need to do. For example, if the user is already logged in to the application, optional steps to log in to the application are skipped. However, sometimes these optional steps are still being shown in the Flow when the user does not need to see them.



One of the reasons we have identified - especially in the login scenario is that Login/Logout can sometimes use very similar user interface (UI) elements on the screen. Thus, Whatfix identifies the element and displays the content - even though it is a Logout button that's in the place of a Login button.




Configure a Display Rule for the Login element to show the tooltip only if the selected element text is valid.

Under Display Rules, choose Selected Element Text as Login. This ensures that the login steps in the Flow appear only when the element has the text Login on it. If the text is not Login, the login steps are skipped and the flow continues to the next step.

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