Get Qualitative analysis summary for Surveys
  • 21 Dec 2023
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Get Qualitative analysis summary for Surveys

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Manually analyzing survey data is a time-consuming process. Organizations often struggle to identify positive and negative responses from Surveys. Whatfix's Qualitative analysis summary is an AI-generated report based on the survey responses provided by end users. It generates positive and negative viewpoints after analyzing the survey data.

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The following domains need to be whitelisted for the Survey responses to be captured:

  • (for the US region)
  • (for the EU region)


  • You must have a total of at least 5 responses to your Survey.
  • You must have a Whatfix Premium plan.


The following are the limitations of the Qualitative analysis summary:

  • The Qualitative analysis summary can only be generated for Surveys that are in the Production stage.
  • Since the summary is AI-generated, the summary may be inconsistent.
  • The Qualitative analysis summary takes an average of 2 minutes to generate the full summary.
  • The Qualitative analysis summary generates five positive and five negative viewpoints based on the end users' responses.

Use the following steps to access the Qualitative analysis summary:

  1. On the Whatfix Guidance dashboard, click Guidance analytics.

  2. Click Surveys.

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  • For any of the given reports, you can use the filter to narrow down your reporting to specific criteria. By default, the filter is set to display data for the last 3 months.

  • You cannot filter Survey analytics data for different CLM stages.

  • In the Survey Analytics List View, Surveys are listed based on their creation date rather than the response date. Hence, if the creation date is not within the selected date range, then a highly engaged Survey may not appear at the top of the list.

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The Surveys tab shows the following information:

  1. On the Surveys tab, click the Survey for which you want to view the Qualitative analysis summary.

  2. Click the Summary tab.

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  • The Qualitative analysis summary automatically begins analyzing the Survey responses provided by end users.

  • After the Qualitative analysis summary analyzes the survey data, it generates a full summary.

  1. Once the summary is generated, click Show more.
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The summary includes both positive and negative viewpoints from the responses.

How does Qualitative analysis summary work?

Qualitative analysis summary uses Large Language Models (LLMs) to generate positive and negative viewpoints on Survey responses from end users.
You can provide feedback about the summary generated by giving it a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down.

If you give a thumbs down on the analysis summary, Whatfix enables them to provide feedback.

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