Remove a User
  • 16 Jan 2024
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Remove a User

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Article Summary

Whatfix enables you to delete the user without impacting the content that they have created.


Only an Account Manager can perform the following task. For more information about available roles, see Whatfix User Roles.

When users no longer work for your organization or change roles within your organization, you may want to delete them. However, if they have created content, then you can reassign the content they created to other users in your organization.

Use the following steps to delete a user and reassign content to another user:

  1. On the Whatfix Guidance dashboard, click Settings.

  2. Click Teammates.

  1. Click the Delete icon.

  2. Click the User name dropdown menu and select another user to reassign content.

  3. Click Delete.

  • When Delete all content and tags of the user is selected, all the user's content (including archived content and content that may be in use) is deleted. Content and users, once deleted, cannot be restored.

  • If a content tag that was created by the deleted user is being used to tag content created by other users, then such a tag is not deleted.

  • Ensure that you transfer the content of the user to a user with a compatible user role. For example, widgets cannot be transferred to an Editor and will result in an error.

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