Security Considerations on the Whatfix Authoring Platform
  • 12 May 2023
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Security Considerations on the Whatfix Authoring Platform

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Article Summary

Whatfix follows Industry best practices to assure and ensure content security. This article explains how we have built our platform by conforming to all major security considerations.

Secure Authoring Methods of Whatfix Content

At Whatfix, data security is a key factor in all aspects. Our aim is to make all our customers comfortable and secure about the product, especially while incorporating Whatfix on their platforms.

The following are some of the measures that we have ensured for all aspects of Whatfix. These include the methods that our customers have been following widely to have more control over the security of Whatfix content.

  1. Secure access via HTTPS

Whatfix uses HTTPS for both its website and application. This means that all the information shared with Whatfix is encrypted, secure, and cannot be intercepted.

  1. Secure SSL for communication

Whatfix uses 256-bit SSL certification for all communication. The SSL encryption is enabled by default. With encryption in place, login credentials shared with us is transmitted securely.

  1. Authorized user access

Access to your Whatfix account is protected by authentication. Only authorized users (with official email id) can manage the created content.

  1. Sandbox Testing

We recommend creating content on our sandbox environment before deployment. You can also use a beta/test/non-production environment of your platform. Both of these methods help you avoid any live user data visibility. Having a test/non-production environment helps you validate content accuracy before it is published.

  1. Data Privacy

Whatfix does not store any data entered by the users. Whatfix stores only the structure of the page on which the content is created. Whatfix also captures a screenshot of a page to make it available in multi-formats like articles or PDF. Whatfix also provides you with the ability to blackout or redact any sensitive information that may be present on the page.

User Account for Creation

Your product team gets a dedicated and access controlled account to create and edit Whatfix content. An active internet connection is required to manage users.

Security of Whatfix Studio

The Whatfix Studio extension is required for content creation and not for the end user (if the Whatfix JavaScript has been included). This extension is fully secure and does not capture any of your browser data.

In the cases where our scripts are not used, Whatfix can provide a production extension or a mechanism for organizations to create their own extension. After creation, this extension can be deployed and controlled by the respective organization.

After it is published, Whatfix content can also be easily edited using the Whatfix Studio from the respective user account.

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