Understanding Language Property Files
  • 23 Aug 2023
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Understanding Language Property Files

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Article Summary

The downloaded file (.zip) contains a set of language property files for all the languages supported in your account. These files are UTF-8 encoded. Each file includes properties for all the content and widgets. There are 2 sets of language property files in the downloaded zip file:
pop-up_language download files

  • delta: This folder contains only those properties that were modified after the previous translation.

  • full: This folder contains the full set of all the properties files.

Here is an example of what a property file looks like.

  • A line of space separates two different Flows.

  • Ensure you are familiar with HTML before modifying the content of the properties file. The properties file contains not only the text content but also the formatting and metadata about the content.

  • While translating the content of the properties file ensure you

    • Do not modify any content within the <> tags. These are HTML tags and are required to format the content.
    • Do not change any text before the equal to (=) sign
  • The first line contains the language that this property file deals with. In the image, 'fr' represents the French language code.
    For more information on the list of supported languages and their codes, see Languages Supported by Whatfix.

  • The second line displays the file creation time.

  • Each line represents a key-value pair where, key=value

  • Each key starts with a flow id followed by a corresponding field name.
    E.g.: fb1703d0-47f4-11e5-b962-448a5b5dd5b8_step_1_description represents Step 1 Description of flow having flow_id "fb1703d0-47f4-11e5- b962-448a5b5dd5b8".

  • Each value is either:
    English text of the corresponding field, if there is no existing translation (or)
    Translated text of that field, if a translation exists

    E.g.: fb1703d0-47f4-11e5-b962-448a5b5dd5b8_step_1_description=Vous êtes ici sur 'Home'

  • Here Vous êtes ici sur 'Home' is the french translation of Step 1

  • When the file is downloaded for the first time, all the values are in the default language. (Language used to create the Flow).

  • Lines beginning with "property" represent text for Whatfix elements that appear when the flow is run.

  • File with the name "" contains the default values for all the properties in Whatfix, including the default language in which all the flows were published in the business account.

  • Ensure that all translated content is saved only in UTF-8 encoding.

  • Character limit restrictions apply to the translations.

  • Rich Text Formatting remains the same in the language property file.

  • Use \n character to start content on a new line.

    E.g. fb1703d0-47f4-11e5-b962-448a5b5dd5b8_step_1_description=Vous êtes ici sur \n 'Home'

    The output is displayed as shown.

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