User Actions as a Visibility Rule
  • 19 Jun 2024
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User Actions as a Visibility Rule

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User Action as a Visibility Rule enables you to show contextual content based not just on different conditions and elements on the page, but also on specific user actions that your user may or may not perform.

Configure User Action as Visibility Rules for Flows, Self Help, Task Lists, Beacons, Pop-ups, and Smart Tips.

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For more information about using User Actions with Flows, see Trigger a Flow using User Actions.

Use Case

If you use an application that deals with sensitive data that is related to contracts, for example, you may want to notify your end users when they attempt to download the contracts and explain to them that it is against compliance and results in a security threat. Now, using User Actions, trigger a Pop-up when a user clicks the export icon and then display a message that describes the impact.

Adding User Action as Visibility Rules

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Create User Action for the element that acts as a trigger. For more information, see Create a User Action.

Use the following steps to add a User Action as Visibility Rule:

  1. On the Whatfix Guidance dashboard, click Widgets.

  2. Click All widgets.

  1. Select the widget that you want to display when the User Action is triggered.

  2. Go to the Visibility Rule section of the widget.
    RB_DB_set VR

  3. Select User Action from the dropdown.

  4. Select the Action that you want as a trigger from the list of User Actions created.
    RB_DB_Choose_user action

  5. Finish creating the widget.

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  • A widget with User Actions configured as Visibility Rules can be previewed and tested using the Preview mode on Studio.
  • If you have configured multiple Pop-ups with different Visibility Rules to appear on the same page, the Pop-up configured with User Action Completed as the Visibility Rule is always shown first when the end user performs the User Action.

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