What is a Task List?
  • 22 Jan 2024
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What is a Task List?

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Article summary

Task Lists enable you to create a list of to-do tasks for your users to help them kickstart their onboarding process.

The Task List engages and reminds users to complete the tasks at hand by enabling them to self-track their individual progress against their assigned tasks. When a task is completed, a green checkmark appears next to the task.

A Task List, when enabled, can be accessed from the Task List icon present on your application. The default position is on the bottom left, but it can be configured to display on the lower right as well.

clm_task list

Some use cases of Task Lists can be used are described below:

  • New user onboarding - You can train new users to carry out basic tasks in your application.
  • New employee onboarding - You can create a list of activities that need to be completed by the employee.
  • New feature communication - You can introduce a new feature in an interactive way by adding a task related to the new feature in the Task List.

Task Lists can be segmented and shown based on profiles, tabs, or other UI variables. For more information, see Segmentation.

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