Task List Best Practices
  • 06 Feb 2024
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Task List Best Practices

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Use Task Lists for user training and onboarding

Use Task Lists for user training. Task Lists can be used to ensure that your users can all perform certain basic tasks. For example, you can use a Task List to design an onboarding list of tasks for someone who's new to your desktop application.
RB_Task list example

Avoid listing more than 6 tasks

Avoid listing more than 6 topics in the Task List. Having a large number of tasks overwhelms users. You can consider sequential Task Lists in case you want to display more steps. These Task lists are shown one after the other - on completion of the tasks listed in each segment.

Enable sequential tasks so users cannot skip tasks

If the tasks have to be done sequentially, then you can enable sequential tasks ensuring that your users can complete each task only after the previous task is completed.

Assign specific tasks to users using Tags

You can tag segment guides using Tags so that specific content is delivered to specific users.


Introduce Self Help

The last task in the Task list can also be used to introduce your users to Self Help so that learning becomes continuous.

Tracking your users’ behaviour on a Task List

Check Task List analytics that includes completion rates at user and org level, user learning progress, individual task level data, how users are interacting with your content, and more.
RB_Task List Analytics

Nudge your users to complete tasks in your Task List

Use the Task List Nudge feature with which you can set conditions for the Task List to open automatically when the user visits your page. For example, you can nudge all users who have not completed at least 50 percent of the tasks listed in the Task List segment.

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