What is Whatfix Desktop?
  • 22 Apr 2022
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What is Whatfix Desktop?

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Whatfix Desktop is a Digital Adoption application that helps enterprises onboard, train, and support their desktop application users. Whatfix Desktop enables you to create and deliver contextual and customized content in the form of Flows, help tips, videos, links, and text all as in-app experiences for stand-alone Windows run desktop applications. Users don’t leave your application and this drives up user productivity and engagement.

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As of now, you can only create content such as Text, Links, Video Links, Flows and Pop-ups.

Where can Whatfix Desktop be Used?

Whatfix Desktop creates a unified experience between the cloud 
and desktop applications. Whatfix Desktop is an interactive solution that provides in-app support using various types of onboarding, training, and help content.

Whatfix Desktop can be used to create content on any desktop-based enterprise application like,

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Cisco Webex Teams
  • SAP GUI based applications like SAP S4/HANA and SAP ECC

Whatfix Desktop supports both the cloud and self-hosted modes of deployment. Contact [email protected] for more information.

We'd love to show you how Whatfix Desktop works on your desktop applications. Sign up for a demo using the link below.

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