Android Changelog
  • 22 Sep 2023
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Android Changelog

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Article Summary

The following table shows the notable changes made to the Whatfix Mobile Android project:

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It's in reverse chronological order with the latest changes visible at the top.
Updated OnVersion updated toChanges madeNew feature/Bug fix/Improvement
September 19, 2023
v1.10.1Made Stop option from Icon configurable
Removed Appcompat dependency
August 11, 2023
v1.10.0EndFlow button actions
Relaunch project every time when embedProject is called multiple times in same session
emdbedProject doesn't trigger auto start projects when used with offlineSync
Bug fix
August 3, 2023
v1.9.4Multilingual configurability support for Whatfix Disable panel
Tooltip flickering fixBug fix

July 7, 2023

Send Analytics data when a Dialog (Pop-up, Drawer, Bottom Sheet) is dismissedBug fix
Multilingual support for Disable AssistantImprovement
July 3, 2023v1.9.2Improvements to User Data syncImprovement
June 15, 2023v1.9.0New screen capture experienceNew feature
May 17, 2023v1.8.7Added optional steps in Walkthrough
New feature
April 10, 2023v1.8.6Immersive mode fixes for the Creator SDKBug fix
Full Screen window fixes for the Creator SDK and the Whatfix Mobile SDK
March 31, 2023v1.8.5Immersive mode fixesBug fix
March 10, 2023v1.8.4Fixed Flicker issue Bug fix
Fixed Tooltip positioning issue on dialog content
February 22, 2023v1.8.2User IdentificationNew feature
February 3, 2023v1.7.0Support Self HostingNew feature
December 19, 2022v1.6.2Optimization for View filtering
Bug fix
December 12, 20221.6.1Optimization for View filteringBug fix
November 28, 2022v1.6.0Survey supportNew feature
September 15, 2022v1.5.6Single Element project facing abrupt behavior when flush properties are calledBug fix
September 13, 2022v1.5.5Crash fix while trying to scan QR as the Whatfix Mobile project is runningBug fix
September 2, 2022v1.5.4Multi data centre supportNew feature
September 2, 2022v1.5.3Multi locale support - Exposed a method for client to set current App localeNew feature
July 29, 2022v1.5.2 Enhanced Streaming featureNew feature
Order of execution for Project priorityBug fix
July 13, 2022v1.5.1Fixed Independent Assist not showing issueBug fix
June 28, 2022v1.5.0Sync Offline projects support for ProjectIDNew feature
June 13, 2022v1.4.2Removed SSL PinningBug fix
June 13, 2022v1.4.1Fixed Gesture animation duration for LandscapeBug fix
June 7, 2022v1.4.0Added Android Tablet supportNew feature
April 22, 2022v1.3.2Support for apps which target Android 12(API level 31) or aboveBug fix
April 22, 2022v1.3.1Improved screen identification logicImprovement
March 14, 2022v1.3.0Landscape support addedNew feature
February 28, 2022v1.2.10Bug fix when autoscroll is performed near bottom or top portion of screen (also applicable to bottom bar and toolbar)Bug fix
February 23, 2022v1.2.9Fixed the embedProject call immediately after Leap.start()Bug fix
February 9, 2022v1.2.8Whatfix Mobile crashes when initialized from a background threadBug fix
January 20, 2022v1.2.7Support SSL pinning with new certificateNew feature
January 7, 2022v1.2.6(Deprecated)Support SSL pinningNew feature
LeapEventCallbacks fixes for the multi-lingual and auto-start projectsBug fix
December 2021v1.2.5
  • Crash Fix: WebView usage from more than one process at once with the same data directory is not supported.
  • Crash Fix: Webview not found
  • Crash Fix: java.lang.AssertionError: No NameTypeIndex match for SHORT_STANDARD
Bug fix
December 2021v1.2.3

Fixed NullPointerException occurred while accessing LeapFlowDiscovery.isStartSubFlowWithoutDiscovery()

Bug fix
November 2021v1.2.2

Scroll Identification:

Fixed NullPointerException for canScrollVertically leading to View.getLayoutParams() crash.

Anchor Identification:

Fixed NullPointerException fix for getLocationOnScreen leading to View$AttachInfo.mTmpTransformLocation crash.

Render Leap View:

IllegalStateException fix for removeOnDrawListener

Bug fix
November 2021v1.2.1Flow menu with connect projectNew feature

Render Leap View:

  • Fixed Tooltip expansion on bigger screen devices.
  • Fixed NullPointerException when using Color.parseColor
Bug fix
Creator SDK:
Improved Screen Identification logic
November 2021v1.1.13

Screen Identification:

Fixed NullPointerException while fetching Activity.getWindow()

Render Leap View:

  • Fixed Language Options text UI resize issue with multilingual support
  • Fixed NullPointerException while fetching iconBottomMargin
Bug fix

Creator SDK:

Improved view filtering and screen height logic

October 2021v1.1.12


Fix for Auto Start when used with Flow termination and Discovery trigger

Bug fix
October 2021v1.1.11

Anchor Identification:

  • Crash fix on Oppo and Samsung phones, when using an input field.
  • Device dimensions update fixed while window transitions

Play Audio

Text to Speech initialization crash fixes on some specific phones.

Other fixes:

Memory related fixes.

Bug fix

October 2021


Auto Start feature added for the start-screen

New feature

Leap View:

Popup height fix for full-screen images


Fixes in two Frequency types i.e. In every session, until dismissed by user & After 'n' session

Bug fix
September 2021v1.1.9

Leap Icon

Drag to Dismiss: Fixed Icon Drag issue (area of drag appears restricted) when the keyboard opens.

Leap View

On Element click dismiss (in case of Walkthrough): Fixed Element click dismiss not working on web pages.

Bug fix
September 2021v1.1.8


  • Scroll if View is shadowed by Navigation bar or toolbar.
  • Auto-scroll arrow glitch fixed when the anchored view is out of bound.

Play Audio:

Replay audio if the sound is not completed (when any interruption occurs).

Leap View

Fixed Leap Element not getting dismissed on outside click.


Dynamic Flow: Fixed perFlow frequency not working.

Bug fix
September 2021v1.1.7


Scroll when the anchored view is inbound and the keyboard is open.

Deep Link:

App crash fixed when the deep link or external URL is invalid.

Bug fix
September 2021v1.1.6

View Identification:

NullPointerException fix for getLocationOnScreen()


Scroll anchor views to fit the content


Fixed, PLAY_ONCE frequency gets reset when the config is updated

Bug fix
September 2021v1.1.5

Anchor Identification:

Fixed NullPointerException while getting view's paddingLeft attribute.

Bug fix

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