Whatfix Mobile Glossary
  • 25 Jan 2024
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Whatfix Mobile Glossary

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AdminThe Admin can add members to the organization and manage the organization's settings.
Android Android is a mobile operating system developed for touchscreen mobile phones and tablets. Whatfix Mobile can be integrated with apps developed for Android mobile devices. For more information, see Integrate Whatfix Mobile SDK with Android.
AppAn app stores all your in-app experiences or projects that you create and want to show on your mobile app.
Application classThe Application class in Android is the base class within an Android app that contains all other components such as activities and services. For more information, see Create Application Class.
App versionAn app version is a single number that identifies a particular version of the application uniquely. Every time an app is updated, the app version changes. For more information, see What is an App Version?
Audio ducking

Audio Ducking lowers, or ducks, the volume of the audio which is currently being played, enabling a new audio message to be heard. Once the message is finished, the volume of the previous audio is automatically resumed. For more information, see Audio Ducking.


BeaconBeacons help attract your users' attention to particular elements of your app.
Bottom SheetBottom Sheet is a Popup widget that covers the bottom part of a screen in an app.


Carousel A Carousel is a full screen pop-up that enables users to navigate through content by swiping horizontally, clicking buttons, or using other interactive controls.
ChangelogA changelog documents the notable changes made to a project. It includes new features, bug fixes, and improvements.
CohortCohorts are a group of users who share a set of properties or perform a similar sequence of events.
ConfettiThe Confetti effect is a Delight that can help you convey appreciation or congratulations when your end users complete a task.
CordovaCordova enables developers to build hybrid web applications for mobile devices using CSS, HTML, and JS instead of relying on APIs.
Whatfix Mobile can be integrated with apps developed using the Cordova Android and Cordova iOS frameworks.
Custom propertiesCustom Properties are rules or conditions that help you define user behavior. You can set these up as per your requirement. They also help you group users into different user segments to show in-app guidance. For more information, see Create Custom Properties.


Debugging ToolsDebugging Tools enable you to preemptively identify potential bugs and issues in your Mobile in-app experience content. For more information, see Debugging Tools for Whatfix Mobile.
DelightA Delight is a visual element or effect that you can use to convey congratulatory or success messages when your end users complete a task in your app.
Deep linkDeep link enables you to link content present within your app itself. You can embed a deep link in Whatfix Mobile projects like Walkthrough, Pop-ups, etc., and inside project elements like buttons, texts, etc.
DrawerA Drawer is a widget that can slide in from the left or right to provide contextual in-app messages.
Dynamic FlowsA Dynamic Flow enables you to guide your end users through a series of non-linear steps, or handhold users through several possible options.


ElementA project with a single standalone component like a Pop-up, Highlight, etc. is called an element.
Element TerminationElement Termination conditions decide when the Whatfix Mobile elements should stop appearing on the screen.
Element TriggerElement Trigger conditions decide when the Whatfix Mobile elements need to appear on the app screen.

Events are triggered when your end users interact with any Whatfix Mobile in-app guidance elements. You can use these events to understand the engagement.

External linkYou can link content present outside your app to give your end users more information. To do this, you can embed an external URL in the Whatfix Mobile projects like {{variable.Walkthrough}}, Pop-ups, etc., and inside project elements like buttons, texts, etc.


Term Description
FireworksThe Fireworks effect is a visual element that can be added to celebrate or symbolise your end users' actions on the app. For example, add a Firework when your end users go to the Homepage of your app for the first time.
Full ScreenFull Screen is a Pop-up widget that covers the entire screen in an app and can be used to inform your users about events that need their immediate attention


GestureGestures enable your end users to interact with your app to perform a particular action using finger movements.


HighightHighlights enable you to grab user attention and get the user to focus on an element while the rest of the screen is blacked out.
Hybrid AppsA Hybrid mobile app combines the elements of a native app (an application developed for a specific platform like Android or iOS) and a web app (an app that can be accessed on the internet via a browser).



Whatfix Mobile Insights provide usage and engagement-related data for all Whatfix Mobile content in easy-to-understand visual formats.

Whatfix supports internationalization and enables you to change the language of your Whatfix Mobile Dashboard. This means that content creators can experience the content creation and management processes in German and English.
IonicIonic is an open-source app development toolkit for building cross-platform native and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Whatfix Mobile can be integrated with apps developed using the Ionic framework.
iOSiOS stands for iPhone Operating System and is developed for Apple's multitouch devices. Whatfix Mobile can integrate with apps developed for iOS devices.


Mobile WebWhatfix for Mobile Web is used to display content on a mobile application when you don't have access to the source code of your native mobile app. For more information, see Whatfix for Mobile Web.
Multilingual Audio supportWhatfix enables you to add Multilingual Audio to your projects that help you engage with your users in a language that they understand better.


Pop-upPop-ups are information widgets used to inform your users about events that need their immediate attention.
ProjectA project comprises of the Whatfix Mobile in-app guidance content like Walkthrough, Tooltip, Highlight, etc. 
Project IDEach project is uniquely identified using a Project ID.
Project priority Project priority is used to set a priority when there are multiple projects that start on the same app screen. Setting priority ensures that the projects don't start together and launch only as per the set priority.


React NativeReact Native is an open-source UI software framework to develop apps for Android, iOS, etc. Whatfix Mobile can integrate with apps developed using the React Native framework.


Self HostingIn Self-Hosted Deployment, you can create the in-app experience on the Whatfix cloud, and subsequently, export it as a .zip file that can be hosted on your CDN (Content Distribution Network) or private server.


TemplatesA Template is a reusable format that can be used for creating in-app {{variable.Walkthrough}} steps or standalone projects.
TooltipTooltips enable you to provide contextual information to end users on your app. These appear when end users go to a specific area or perform a certain action in the app.


User SegmentUser Segments enable you to group users together to deliver consolidated, contextual in-app experiences. For more information, see User Segments.
User PropertyUser Properties are rules or conditions that help you define user behavior so that you can group them into different User Segments to show consolidated and contextual in-app experiences. For more information, see What is a User Property?


Whatfix Walkthrough contain a series of steps that help users to learn an objective or complete a task. Each step of a Walkthrough is a Whatfix Mobile element like a Pop-up, Tooltip, Highlight, etc. that you can configure to appear as a series of sequential steps to guide your end users through a process.
Walkthrough ChecklistThe Walkthrough Checklist enables you to create a list of to-do tasks for your users to help them kickstart their onboarding process. The tasks can only be {{variable.Walkthrough}}s.
Walkthrough MenuWalkthrough Menu is an in-app collection of {{variable.Walkthrough}}s that aid users to complete activities or tasks on your mobile app.
Whatfix Creator WidgetWhatfix Creator Widget enables you to capture and save app screens as screenshots. It also enables you to preview your projects and test them before publishing. You can also debug your projects and know if Whatfix Mobile is setup correctly in your apps.


XamarinXamarin is an open-source mobile app platform that helps you develop native and high-performance iOS, Android, Windows apps, etc. using C#. Whatfix Mobile can be integrated with apps developed using the Xamarin Android and Xamarin iOS frameworks.

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