Insights Overview
  • 02 Nov 2022
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Insights Overview

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Whatfix Mobile Insights provides usage and engagement-related data for all your Whatfix Mobile content in easy-to-understand visual formats.

With Whatfix Mobile Insights you can identify,

  • Performance of your app
  • Users' engagement 
  • Users' completion rate
  • Project views

Use the following steps to access Insights,

1. On the Whatfix Mobile Dashboard, navigate to the app where you have created your projects.


2. In the left panel, click Insights.app_insights

Data is published on the insights page once the project has been deployed and your end user can see the flows or elements.

App Overview

The App Overview section gives you an Overview of how your app is performing over time in terms of engagement with unique users and the project views.


Project Overview

In the Project Overview section you can,

  • View key metrics like Users Seen, Flow Opt-Ins, and Flow completion
  • View the App version and the rollout percentage for the projects


Detailed Project Insights

You can also view the detailed metrics for all the projects you have created and published. 



Flow Analysis Insights

The Flow Analysis section provides usage and engagement-related data for all your Flows

When a user triggers a flow, Whatfix Mobile generates certain events like,

  • Flow Completion
  • Flow Opt-Ins
  • User Seen
  • Icon Disabled
  • Flow Opt-Outs 


Step Breakdown

The Step Breakdown gives you an overview of your steps at an individual level within a Flow.

With the Whatfix Flow Analysis, you can identify the following,

  • Where your users are dropping off
  • Is there a problem with the flow you created
  • The success rate of the completion of the steps
  • How many users are seeing the Flow

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