Beacons Best Practices
  • 20 Jun 2024
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Beacons Best Practices

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Add multimedia content to Beacons for better user engagement

Adding multimedia content like links, images and videos is a great way to explain new updates and convey useful information to the end-user.

For more information, see Add Multimedia Content to Beacons.

Author clear and concise content

Use simple words and sentences while creating Whatfix content. Keep the description in your Tooltip brief and to the point.
Description simple.png

Choose an appropriate theme for the Tooltip

Choose the best available Tooltip theme to ensure the UI of the Tooltip matches your website/application’s UI.

For more information, see Customize a Beacon.

Create one Beacon collection per page

Whatfix evaluates only one Beacon collection at any given time. If there are two or more active Beacon collections on the same page of an application, then only one of them gets evaluated.

For more information, see Add a Beacon to an Existing Beacon Collection.


The criteria for evaluation depend upon the Visibility Rules or number of conditions (in case the Visibility Rules are the same for two segments).

Configure when the Beacon should appear

  • Use the Visibility Rule settings to configure when a Beacon should appear. A Beacon disappears after the end-user interacts with it. You can control the frequency of a Beacon appearance as well from Visibility Rules.

  • If you want to show a Beacon at a particular frequency like once daily, weekly every Monday, selected days of the week, etc. choose the Custom option with the date range defined under Visibility Rule settings.

    when visibility rules beacons

For more information, see Schedule Beacons.

Ensure the Tooltips don’t hide any elements on your website/application

Position the Tooltips so that they don't hide any elements on your page. In certain cases, the Tooltip could inadvertently hide certain important UI leading to poor user adoption.
Reposition tooltip.png

Look for Existing Beacon Collection on a Page

When editing or modifying a particular page to add new Beacons, look for any existing Beacon collection for that page. Don't create a new Beacon collection for a page if the collection already exists.

Make Beacon reappear for all users

  • Once the Beacon show count is exhausted, it disappears on the application. In case, you want to show the Beacon for all the users again including those who would have interacted with it, use the Refresh Beacon setting.


  • Only an Account Manager can reactivate an existing Beacon. Also, be mindful of your date range settings when refreshing a Beacon. A past date in your Visibility Rules may not refresh the Beacon successfully.
    For more information, see Refresh a Beacon Segment.

Multiple Beacons must always be a part of a Beacon collection

Whatfix permits only one Beacon segment to be displayed at a time on a page. If you want to add multiple Beacons on the same page, combine the Beacons in an existing collection for that page. A Beacon Collection is a group of Beacons belonging to the same page. For more information, see Create Beacons.

your title goes here

To enable multiple beacon segments on the same page, contact

Place images within the Tooltip

Ensure that the images you insert in your content don't exceed the width of the tooltip or pop-up to avoid any distorted images. Exceeding 270 pixels introduces a scroll bar.
distorted image.png

Provide URL paths for Beacon Segment across different Application environments

If you want the same Beacon segment to work across application environments, then provide URL paths instead of full URLs, else the Beacon segment in one environment may not work in another​.


Use different Beacon styles to convey different information on a page

Use Beacon Level Configuration to assign different Beacon styles to Beacons that appear on a page. This enables you to convey different types of information to your end-users efficiently.

Choose the Appearance and Colour of the Beacon.

For example, you can use a NEW styled Beacon to announce a new feature, and a radial styled Beacon to capture your end-users' attention on an element. For more information, see Create Beacons.

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