Beacon not displaying in preview mode
  • 07 Nov 2022
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Beacon not displaying in preview mode

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When you create a Beacon and try to preview it, the Beacon does not display.


Beacon may not display for one of the following reasons,

  • The Beacon is in the Draft stage.
  • The Visibility Rules have expired.
  • There's a conflict with another Beacon with the same visibility rules.


  • Make sure that the Include Draft content and widgets is checkbox is selected when entering Preview mode.

    Here is a GIF on how to include draft widgets in preview mode.


  • The Beacon could have expired or set not to appear on specific dates. Check the Visibility Rules for when the Beacon must appear, i.e., date and occurrence count.
    RB_visibility rules

  • Are you trying to show multiple Beacon segments simulteneously?

Whatfix permits only one Beacon segment to be displayed at a time. If you want to show multiple Beacons, combine the Beacons in a single collection.

To enable this feature, contact [email protected].


If the issue persists, contact [email protected].

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