Create a Launcher
  • 06 Mar 2024
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Create a Launcher

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Launchers enable you to create and place customized buttons anywhere on the application. You can trigger the following content using a Launcher:

  • Flow
  • Pop-up
  • Link
  • Video
  • Survey

Use the following two-step process to create a Launcher.

Step 1: Create a Launcher
Step 2: Configure the Launcher segment

Step 1: Create a Launcher

Use the following steps to create a Launcher:

  1. Log in to the application where you want to create content, and then launch Whatfix Studio.
    CLM_editor plug in2
  2. On the Studio, click Launcher.clm_studio_launcher
  3. Enter a name for the Launcher Collection.
    CLM_launcher name1
your title goes here
  • A Launcher Collection is a group of Launchers that are usually on the same page.
  • The Launcher Collection name is solely for your (Content Creator's) reference and is not visible to your end users.
  • Visibility rules are defined for the Launcher Collection. So even if you have only one Launcher on the page, it needs to be part of a collection.
  1. To create a Launcher, click +Add Launcher.
    clm_click add launcher1
  2. Select an element on the application where the Launcher must appear.
  3. Under the CONFIGURATIONS section, click the Interaction dropdown.
  4. In the Launcher Text box, enter the text for the button.
your title goes here

You can make the following changes to the Launcher text using the rich text editor.

  • Bold the text
  • Make the text italic
  • Underline the text
  • Change the font size of the text      
  • The Launcher text can have up to 50 characters.
  1. In the Launcher Actions section, using the dropdown, select the content you want to trigger through a Launcher.
  2. To attach the content, click + Attach Flow and select the content.
    clm_launchers_attach content
your title goes here
  • The button changes as per the Launcher Action you have selected.
  • The content you attach to the Launcher can be in the Draft, Ready, or Production stages. However, when you push the Launcher to the Production stage, the content linked to the Launcher is also pushed to the Production stage.
  1. Using the Style dropdown, choose the Launcher style.
your title goes here

You can change the color and hover color of the Launcher. You can choose from the existing color palette or pass the hex code of the desired color.

  1. Using the Position dropdown, adjust the position of the Launcher.
  2. Click Save Launcher.
    clm_launcher_save launcher
your title goes here
To add more Launchers, click + Add Launcher, and then repeat steps 5 to 12.
clm_launcher_add launchers  1
  1. Click Save.
    clm_launcher_click save1
your title goes here
You can edit a Launcher inside a collection during the Launcher creation process. For more information, see Edit a Launcher.

Configure the Launcher segment

Use the following steps to configure a Launcher segment:

  1. On the Whatfix Guidance dashboard, click Widgets.

  2. Click All widgets.

  3. Click Create widget.

4. Click Launcher.


5. Enter a name for your segment.

6. Expand the Set Visibility Rules section, and set up your Visibility Rules that determine the display of the Launcher collection.
   clm_launchers_set VR

your title goes here

For more information on the different conditions that can be used in Visibility Rules, see Visibility and Display Rule Conditions

7. Expand the Add Launcher Collection dropdown, and then add the collection that you have created.
  clm_launcher_add launcher collection1

8. Click Okay.

9. Click Save.

your title goes here

If Launchers are to be used for multiple pages, separate collections need to be created for individual page.

10. Once you have configured the Launcher segment, in the Draft stage, select the segment using the checkbox, and then click Send to ready.

11. Navigate to the Ready stage, and then click Push to production.

Your title goes here
  • When you create a Launcher, a Launcher collection is created in the Content section of the dashboard and a Launcher segment is auto-created in the Widget section of the dashboard. You need to push the Launcher segment in the Widget section to the Production stage for the Launcher to appear on the page.
  • When you push the Launcher segment to the Production stage, the Launcher collection is also pushed to Production stage automatically.
  • Once the Launcher is pushed to Production, you can view the analytics data for the Launcher using Trend Insights. For more information, see Get Launcher analytics using Product Analytics.
your title goes here

If you're using the JS Embed method to test or publish Whatfix content, add the relevant conditions in Map Stages. This ensures that the content appears in the correct instance. For more information, see How to add conditions in Map Stages? (Log in to see the article)

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