Get Launcher analytics using Product Analytics
  • 05 Feb 2024
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Get Launcher analytics using Product Analytics

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Article summary

With Product Analytics' Insights, you can find out the engagement of your end users with Launchers on your application. You can set up a Trend Insight with Launcher events and other filters and breakdowns and then add them to a Custom Dashboard to understand the effectiveness of Launchers.

You can use the following two events to get analytics data for Launchers:

  • Launcher Clicked: Triggered when the end user clicks the Launcher.
  • Launcher Loaded: Triggered when the Launcher loads on the application page.

Use Case

You can create two Insights with the events Launcher Clicked and Launcher Loaded, respectively, for a particular Launcher, and then add the Insights to a Custom Dashboard. This helps you compare the data between the number of times the Launcher loaded on the page and the number of users who clicked the Launcher. Based on this data, you can make changes to the Launcher and its content to catch your end users' attention and improve engagement.

Create an Insight to get Launcher analytics data

Use the following steps to get Launcher analytics using Trend Insights:

  1. On the Whatfix Analytics dashboard, click Insights.

  1. Click + Create Insights.

  2. Click Trend Insights.

  3. To name your Insight, click the Edit icon.

  4. In the Data setup section, select the stage you want to get the data from.


You cannot change the stage after you've created the insight. Switching to a different stage will reset your insight, causing you to start over.

  1. In the Events Setup section, under Events, click Add Event.

  2. Under Default Events, search for the Launcher Clicked event and then select it.

your title goes here

The event only appears if the action is performed atleast once.

  1. Click Filter and then select Segment Name.

  2. Select the Launcher segment that you want to analyze and then click Apply.

  3. Click Add User Filter and then select the required filter.

  4. Click Add User Breakdown and then select the required breakdown.

your title goes here

For example, consider the following Insight:
Analyze the total number of users who clicked the Launcher "Q1 R1 2023 Release Launcher" using any browser from India.

Event: Launcher clicked
Event Filter: Segment Name - Q1 R1 2023 Release Launcher
User Filter: Country - India
User Breakdown: Browser
Chart type: Metrics

Visualized data:


  1. Scroll down to view the data chart that is generated.
your title goes here
  • You can filter your data based on Daily, Weekly, and Monthly timeframes.


  • You can change the Metric and Chart type, as required.

  1. Click Save.
your title goes here
  • Repeat Steps 3 to 11 to create another Insight for the event, Launcher Loaded.
  • Add the Insights to the Custom Dashboard to visualize both Insights and compare the data. For more information on how to create a Custom Dashboard, see Create Custom Dashboards in Analytics.

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