Integrate Whatfix using Browser Extension
  • 12 Oct 2023
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Integrate Whatfix using Browser Extension

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Article Summary

Typically, when you don't have access to the code of your application, you cannot embed the JavaScript code. That's when Whatfix content can be displayed on your applications using browser extensions.

The content creation process does not change, it's only how the content is deployed that changes. Depending on the browser that you choose to use, a browser extension is generated and uploaded to the respective store (when applicable).

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For more information on browser extensions, see Manage Extensions.

When using the Browser Extension method, each browser requires an independent extension. Since this is typically a use case that is internal to an organization, the extensions are deployed en masse to all users as part of an IT policy. If you are facing issues with either generating or updating content being deployed on browser extensions, contact

Once the initial deployment is done, the content updates can be easily pushed out using a one-click process.


You can use the Whatfix Developer extension to test content before pushing it to Production.

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