Pop-up Analytics
  • 16 Mar 2023
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Pop-up Analytics

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Article Summary

With the Pop-up Analytics, you can find the engagement of your end users with the Pop-ups on your application.

Use the following steps to access Pop-up Analytics,

  1. On the Whatfix Dashboard, click Analytics.

  1. Hover your cursor over the navigation panel, and then click Pop-up.

You can use the Filter option to narrow down the reports to a specific domain. See Analytics Filters - Domain Filter.

The Pop-up Analytics page displays the following information.

No. of Times ShownThe number of times pop-up was shown to the end users.
If users click the Skip button on the Pop-up, then it is only considered as shown.
No. of Time Engaged (Flow/URL)The number of times users interacted with the pop-up by clicking the buttons (except Skip), link, close icon, sliding through the slides in the carousel, etc.
If the Pop-up doesn’t have a close icon or buttons, then No. of Time Engaged (Flow/URL) value is equal to No. of Times Shown.
Creation DatePop-up creation date

In the following pie chart, you can see the graphical view of how users are interacting with the respective Pop-up.


  1. Dropdown menu to select the desired pop-up.

  2. The date the Pop-up was published

  3. Pop-ups engaged: The number of times users interacted with the Pop-up by clicking the buttons (except skip), link, close icon, sliding through the slides in the carousel, etc.

  4. Pop-ups skipped: The number of times users ignore reading the Pop-up content by clicking the close icon or skip button.

Here's the impact of user interactions on the various buttons in a pop-up.

ButtonBehaviourExample: A Pop-up is set to display twice
SkipThe user skips the Pop-up, and the display count is not impacted.Users who click the Skip button continue to see the Pop-up until they click Close or "X" icon.
Close button or "X" iconClicking either of these buttons closes the Pop-up and the display is counted as one view.Users who click Close, exit the Pop-up, and the Pop-up will now display once more on the next log in.
Don't show me againThe user clicks the check-box to make sure the Pop-up never appears again. The count reduces to zero.Users who click the Don't show me again check-box never see the Pop-up again. It does not matter if the count has not been reached.

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