Task List Analytics
  • 31 Jan 2024
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Task List Analytics

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With Task List Analytics, you can find the engagement of your end users with the Task List on your application.

Use the following steps to access Task List Analytics:

  1. On the Whatfix Guidance dashboard, click Guidance analytics.

  2. Click Task lists.

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You can choose to view the analytics data across different CLM stages.


By default, only data from the Production stage is shown. If you want to get data from other stages, you need to configure them on your Whatfix Dashboard. For more information, see Get Analytics Data across CLM Stages.

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  • For any of the following reports, you can use the filter to narrow down your reporting to specific criteria. By default, the filter is set to display data for the last 3 months.
  • To see how you can filter your reports by domain, see Analytics Filters - Domain Filter.

Task List data can be viewed by User or by Task. Click the respective tab to view how you want to see the data.

If you use multiple Task Lists, remember to select the Task List that you want to see data for using the dropdown menu at the top of the page.


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  • User email addresses are captured and populated in analytics only if the Task List widget is loaded for them, that is, the Task List widget icon appears on the users’ screen.

  • When the Task List widget appears for a user, the email address is captured and populated in analytics. Users don’t have to interact with the Task List widget for them to appear in analytics.

For example, if the Task List is supposed to be published for 50 users and only 40 users have logged in, then the email addresses of these 40 users are captured. The other 10 users' email addresses are captured only when they log in, and the Task List widget is displayed to them.

Also, if the first 40 users complete all their tasks even before the other 10 users log in, then the analytics data shows that all the users have completed the tasks.


The Users tab displays the list of users and their individual task completion status.

A user is marked as having completed the tasks only if all the tasks in their respective Task List have been completed.

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  • Even though Whatfix captures a user's email address, a task is only displayed as complete for a user inside analytics if the user has opened the Task List and then completed the task.
  • If a task is completed from other sources, like Self Help, then even though the task is marked as complete inside the Task List, it is not displayed as complete in the analytics report.
  • For users who come under the EU Data Center, you can capture any other user information other than the email address. If you've not configured your account to capture any user information, Whatfix uses cookie values to track the Task List completion.

The Tasks tab shows you each task in your Task List and the completion status for them across your user base.

Clicking each task opens more information on the particular Flow as explained in the Flows section.

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