Tooltips Best Practices
  • 13 Jun 2024
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Tooltips Best Practices

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Use Contrast Colors to make the Tooltip Stand-out

Use contrasting colors that make the Tooltip noticeable on your website or application. This is to ensure that the Tooltips are not lost on your interface.

For more information on contrast checking, see this contrast checker website that could help you decide.
Contrast color2

Author clear and concise content

Use simple words and sentences while creating Whatfix content. Keep the description in your Tooltip brief and to the point.
Description simple.png

Place images within the Tooltip

Ensure that the images you insert in your content don't exceed the width of the Tooltip or Pop-up to avoid any distorted images. Exceeding 270 pixels introduces a scroll bar.
distorted image2

For more information, see Insert an image in a Flow tooltip.

Use brief descriptions in Tooltips

Ensure that your Flows use easy-to-understand and brief descriptions about your user’s next action.
Description simple.png

Ensure the Tooltips don’t hide any elements on your website or application

Position the Tooltips so that they don't hide any elements on your page. In certain cases, the Tooltip could inadvertently hide certain important UI, leading to poor user adoption.
Reposition tooltip2

Choose an appropriate theme for the Tooltip

Choose the best available Tooltip theme to ensure the UI of the Tooltip matches your website or application’s UI.
flow theme.png

For more information, see Change the design of the Tooltip.

Add an End Message

Add an end message to all the Whatfix content to ensure your users are well informed about the next course of action.

For more information on adding an end message, see Customize the end message of a Flow.
clm_tooltip_end message

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