What are Whatfix Pop-ups?
  • 07 Mar 2023
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What are Whatfix Pop-ups?

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Whatfix Pop-ups are information widgets used to inform your users about things that need their immediate attention. You can attach a Flow, survey, video, image, or a GIF to a Pop-up.

You can use Pop-ups for the following use cases,

  • Introduce new features to your users and take them through different features of your application by attaching the Pop-up with Flows
  • Inform users about your planned application downtime
  • Request users to complete a survey
  • Inform software version upgrade notification
  • Celebratory and congratulatory messages

You can also customize the Pop-up to appear only to a specific group of people who have a shared characteristic such as a user role, are new users, or are from the same department, etc.

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