Audit Logs captured by Whatfix
  • 02 Feb 2021
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Audit Logs captured by Whatfix

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Whatfix captures certain logs that enable the audit of specific actions that users perform on Whatfix. For example, you can track who was the last user to export content from the Whatfix Dashboard. You can audit the following actions.

  • Along with the Data captured in the Logs, these actions also capture common information described in the table below.
  • Contact [email protected] to generate these audit reports.
CategoryActionData captured in Logs
Advanced CustomizationUpdate the Advanced Customization code
  • User
  • Time
  • Export Analytics Summary report
  • Export Task List report
  • User
  • Time
  • Enable Google Analytics integration
  • Disable Google Analytics integration
  • User
  • Time
  • Enable Whatfix Analytics integration
  • Disable Whatfix Analytics integration
  • User
  • Time

API token of the user

API Method (End User)Any API Method (PUT, DEL)
API Method (End User Schema)Any API Method (PUT, DEL)
Beacon refreshUpdateSegment Type, Segment ID
  • Creating new content 
  • Updating a content 
  • Deleting a content
  • Content Type
  • Content ID
Content ShareExport 
  • Content Type
  • Content ID
  • Log in
  • Log out
  • User
  • Time
  • Renew API Token
  • API token of the User
  • Time
  • When End User PUT APIs are called
  • When End User DELETE APIs are called
  • User
  • Time
  • When End User Schema PUT APIs are called
  • When End User Schema DELETE APIs are called
  • User 
  • Time
Knowledge Base
  • Create a new Knowledge Base
  • Update a Knowledge Base
  • Delete a Knowledge Base
  • Knowledge Base URL

  • Knowledge Base name

  • Create a new widget segment
  • Update a widget segment
  • Delete a widget segment
  • Segment Type
  • Segment ID
  • Create a tag
  •  Update a tag 
  • Delete a tag
  • Tag Type
  • Tag ID
  • Export language file
  • Import language file
  • Language code
  • Language File
When content is translated in the UI and saved
  • Content Type
  • Content ID
Widget ConfigurationUpdate
  • User
  • Time
xAPI/SCORMExporting content
  • Content ID
  • Tag ID, if any
Video Channel
  • Authorize a video channel for the first time
  • Unauthorize a video channel
  • Reauthorize a video channel
  • User
  • Time

The following data is common information captured for all actions.

Data CapturedDescription
Ent IdThe enterprise Id of the client logged in to the dashboard
User IdThe customer Id of the user who logged in to the dashboard
TimestampThe time at which the event was captured
Source IPSource of the request (client-side)
Host IPServer that catered to the request (server-side)

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To anonymize the Source IP, copy and paste the following code in the Advanced Customization section.

_wfx_settings.analytics_properties.anonymizeIp = true;

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