Data Validation using Smart Tips
  • 14 Feb 2024
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Data Validation using Smart Tips

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You can use Validation Smart Tips to verify end user's inputs on your application. Whatfix enables you to set a valid input and evaluate your end user's response in a particular field of your application. If your end user input does not match the set data, then Whatfix displays an error message. Validation Smart Tips ensure that the end user input on forms can be validated, thus avoiding errors before form submission.


Validation Smart Tips can be used with or without a Help Tip.

Use Cases

You can use validation tip to:

  • Evaluate whether the end user has filled mandatory fields in a form correctly or not.
  • Check if dates are put in a set valid date format, for example, dd/mm/yyyy.
  • Check if valid entries are made in a numeric field.
  • Check if the end user had put a valid 10-digit number in the phone number field.
  • Check if an email or web address is put in a valid format.

Create a Validation Smart Tip Collection

Use the following steps to add data validation using Smart Tips:

  1. Log in to the application where you want to create content, and then launch the Whatfix Studio.
    CLM_editor plug in2

  2. Under WIDGETS, click Smart-tip.
    clm_studio_smart tip1

  3. Enter a name for the Smart tip Collection.

  • A Smart Tip Collection is a group of Smart Tips created on the same page of an application.
  • The Smart Tip Collection name is solely for your (Creator's) reference and is not visible to the end user.
  1. Click + Add Help Tip to create a new Smart Tip.

  1. Click + Add validation tip.

  2. Select an element on the application that you would like to add the validation to.

  3. In the Display validation rules section, click the + Add Rule button.

  4. To add multiple rules, click the + Add Rule button.

  5. Click Save Tip.

  6. To add additional data validations, repeat steps 4 to 9.

  7. After all the data validation tips are created, click the Save Tip button.

Rule Description
Numeric Validates whether the user input is numeric or not.
Character Length Validates the user input based on the set minimum/maximum character length.Studio_st_VT_character length
Email Address Validates whether the user input is in an email address format or not.
Web Address Validates whether the user input is in a web address format or not.
Date Format Validates the user input based on the set date format. studio_st_vt_date format
  • Custom validation requirements can be handled via the Validation API. The Signature of the API is:
    function onValidate ( event )
    For more information on Validation API, contact
  • Whatfix does not capture and store any data during validation, instead Whatfix reads the text and evaluates it using the validation rules in real-time.
  • The validations can additionally have multiple rules with AND/OR conditions between them.
    An error message is mandatory if validation rules are configured.
  • The validation does not work when no data is entered in the text box.
  • API validation within the scope of an iFrame is NOT supported.
  • Locale/language-based error message over-rides need to be handled in the code.

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