What is Segmentation?
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What is Segmentation?

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Segmentation helps you display Flows that are relevant to users on a particular page. Segmentation, as the name implies,  provides a way of targeting Flows to specific users on widgets like Self-help and Task list. Segments can be defined through various conditions and rules. For example, a segment can be built to filter your Flows as per user login, URL, elements on the screen, and/or a mix of other criteria.

Using Segments

Segments may be used to displays Flows based on:

  • A particular group of users logins
  • Current tab the user is in
  • Visual elements on the page
  • Any variable you define

For example, if your page has two different tabs: Leads and Contacts, using segments, you can display different Flows depending on which tab the user navigates to.



Creating Segments

Segments can be created through a simple selection of Flows and visibility rules inside your Whatfix editor. To segment Flows, manually select all the necessary Flows to display on a page.  Segmentation can be done based on tags as well. Tags can be as simple as a user group or the page/module name. Segmentation of Flows can be through single or multiple tags.

Whatfix performs segmentation on the basis of visual elements on your application. It displays Flows on elements present (or absent) in the web application.

Perform Segmentation:

  1. Navigate to the Whatfix dashboard.
  2. In the left panel, click the WIDGETS tab and then select the widget you want to segment.
  3. Click New Segment.
    The visibility rules for Segmentation can be set based on three elements of your application.
Segmentation Based On Description
URL Allows you to organize the Flows as per the contents on your URL.
Elements on the page Lets you provide your own CSS selector identifier for the element.
Window Variable Lets you identify the page using the value of a particular Javascript global variable. Example: If you want to check window.user.role='admin'

For more details on the conditional elements, see Visibility and Display Rule Conditions.

Add Content:

The Whatfix editor allows you to choose Flows individually. To add Flows, click the Select Flows option and select the Flows to be displayed.

Display all Flows in that particular segment or you can select them on specific tags you have created.

your title goes here

You can only create a maximum of 75 segments on each widget.

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