Deploying extension to individual user
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Deploying extension to individual user

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Whatfix allows you to create a landing page for your Extension deployment to individuals for Chrome and Firefox extensions. This can be used When you cannot mass deploy extensions to your users.

To get a landing page for your extension, get in touch with your Whatfix Account Manager or email us at

Share the landing page URL with your users and they can install the extension by visiting the page and following the instructions.


If your users visit the landing page after installing the extension, they are redirected to your application URL. Contact your Whatfix Account Manager to enable this.

View sample landing page for Chrome


View sample landing page for Firefox


On the sample page above, you can edit the banner image, title, description, button name and the URL to which your users have to be redirected after installing the extension.


To change the banner image and redirection URL,

To update the image or URL, contact

To edit the title, description, and button name,

  1. Download the properties file for the language.
  2. Use the following properties to edit the title, description, and button name.
Content Property Label
Title property_customExtInstallTitle
Description property_customExtInstallPageDescription
Button name property_customExtInstallCTALabel
  1. Once edited, upload the language properties file to your Whatfix account.
  • This landing page is available only to download the Whatfix extension on Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • By default, your Whatfix account name is used on the landing page URL so that users are automatically redirected to your application after installing the extension. You can pass additional parameters such as locale, redirect URL, and extension ID in the landing page URL by contacting
    • Redirect URL - The URL of the customer application on which Whatfix is deployed
    • Locale - Language value. For example, if the page is page is in French you can pass the value fr
    • Extension ID - Unique ID for the extension
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