Use the Developer Mode to test Whatfix content
  • 21 May 2024
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Use the Developer Mode to test Whatfix content

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Article Summary

As per the latest updates to Manifest V3 (MV3), Whatfix enables you to test any all content and AC code used to achieve certain out-of-the-box capabilities using the Preview extension. For more information, see Use Preview extension to test Whatfix content.

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The Preview extension is a Beta feature. Reach out to to enable Preview extension for your account.

Once you create Whatfix content for your end users, there are two ways you can test and review the content before it is pushed to Production. Reviewing content helps you experience how your content and widgets appear on your application or website and ensures that you can identify and fix any errors that may have slipped through before they are visible to end users. The two methods to test out content are:

  • Using the Preview Mode on Whatfix Studio
  • Using the Developer Mode of the Whatfix Developer extension

The Developer extension is applicable only for the browser extension mode of deployment.

How is the Developer extension different from the Production extension?

The Developer extension enables content creators to test and preview content before it is pushed to Production, while the Production extension is required by end users and content creators to actually view the published content in real time.

Earlier, for content creators who had both extensions installed, previewing content through the Developer extension had to be done through the incognito mode of the browser since both extensions could not coexist in the same environment.

With the new capability of enabling and disabling the Developer Mode, content creators get a more streamlined and user-friendly experience while testing content.

Why should I use the Developer mode?

Some applications may have restrictions on third-party content. The Developer mode can bypass these restrictions by whitelisting Whatfix, ensuring that the content is being displayed as intended.
Additionally, the Developer mode provides controlled testing environments where you can preview and refine content before it goes live.

How can the Developer Mode be enabled?

Use the following steps to configure and enable Developer Mode:

  1. Contact your Whatfix Representative or to get access to the Whatfix Developer extension and configure it according to your requirements.

  2. Once the installation is complete, go to the required website or application where you want to test content.

  3. Enable the Dev Mode toggle.

  4. In the popup that appears, click Confirm and refresh the page.

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Ready and Production stage content starts appearing on the screen.

  • Any time you enable or disable the Dev Mode toggle, ensure that you refresh the page for the changes to reflect.

  • If the Production extension is not installed on your device, you will not have the option to disable the Developer Mode once it is enabled.

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